There is so much good work happening in our communities by programs that truly strive to promote wellness. We think of evaluation as an opportunity to reflect, learn, celebrate, and share their stories. It is an honour to be a small part of their journeys.
— the Reciprocal Consulting team

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“On March 15, 2011, AICBR hosted a one-day introductory workshop on program evaluation. Kim van der Woerd (Reciprocal Consulting), Kylee Swift, and Billy Joe Rogers facilitated the workshop. This incredible team of Aboriginal women is a part of the CAPTURE project, which is working to increase understanding of the evaluation challenges faced by organizations working with remote and northern communities, in order to develop a strategy for support services.

The workshop started with an in-depth discussion on why the evaluation of programs is important, and for the Yukon, what specific challenges people face and potential solutions. The day continued with discussions around who is involved in program evaluation, different types of evaluation activities, evaluation frameworks, program logic models, and evaluation strategies. The workshop was an interactive opportunity for people from different backgrounds (Territorial and First Nation governments, NGOs, and consultants) in the Yukon to come together and share their ideas and experiences related to program evaluation.

The workshop involved project coordinators from the “Working Together to Achieve Healthy Weights” project, and was a good introduction to evaluation specific to that project as well. AICBR is looking forward to having more workshops like this one in the future!”

“I wanted to thank you for a great session on evaluation the other day … it left me with plenty of food for thought. It was also a good team building exercise, you really see how people differ in their styles and perspectives.”

“Thank you for the informative and motivating session today. I enjoyed the personal aspect of your content. It is obvious that you both are very passionate and knowledgeable about the evaluation topic and process. You did a great a great job at imparting your expertise. I came out of the session with a focus on what needs to happen next and how to be more efficient in improving what we already have. I am excited…”

“Very useful – made complex info accessible – good job!”

“Great workshop! I gained tools on how important good evaluation is to any program.”


spss training

“I appreciate how you engaged all participants, no matter what level of experience. As the beginner in the class, I thought I might be lost on the second day, not so!”

“Your SPSS training was more useful than my undergraduate stats courses – I now know what types of questions can be used for different types of analysis, and how to navigate this program!”


mentoring alumni

“Working with Reciprocal Consulting continues to be an incredibly meaningful experience, and has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Over the past five years, Kim and the team have helped foster my skills in community-based research and evaluation. Our work with diverse projects has opened my eyes and ears to the wisdom of community members and a variety of sectors. It is because of these experiences that I was able to apply to graduate school competitively and humbly receive multiple funding offers. I am also grateful for Kim’s outstanding efforts to create opportunities for networking, professional development, and leadership, which have helped progress my career goals. On a personal level, working with a strong Indigenous team has strengthened my identity as an Indigenous woman, and it is an honour to grow alongside them. Kim and the team continue to provide unconditional support, which fills me with gratitude and strength to be able to do this work in our communities.” – Samantha Tsuruda

“Kim allows for a work environment that fosters learning and growth in both program evaluation and in my educational endeavours. Kim has proven to be an excellent mentor teaching me not only about program evaluation but also about myself. With Kim’s support, guidance, and honesty, I have learned a lot about myself as a First Nations woman, and my capacity as a graduate student.” Billie Joe Rogers

“Kim gave me the opportunity to build on the knowledge and skills that I had in order to contribute to something that I feel very strongly about; the overall wellness of Aboriginal people. Working with Kim has been an amazing journey in so many ways. Because of Kim’s support I feel empowered to contribute meaningfully in a way that has allowed me to grow and develop my own particular strengths and interests.” Kylee Swift

“Kim has encouraged me in a positive and kind way through the graduate application process and through the inevitably stressful times that graduate school can bring. She is truly passionate about empowering Aboriginal students to reach their education and career goals. Kim’s mentorship, friendship and guidance continues to be invaluable in my journey to complete my PhD and achieve my career goals.” – Brittany Bingham

“I could not have overcome all these barriers and completed a graduate degree without Reciprocal Consulting’s support. Kim was very generous with her time, very patient with her guidance, seemed to enjoy teaching me new skills and never asked for anything in return. She helped me find scholarships and job opportunities. She guided me in preparing for, applying and getting into graduate school. I think the knowledge I gained while working with my mentor, Kim, will continue to benefit many other First Nation students and families while I follow Kim’s example and give generously of my time and knowledge to help others.”
Trica McDiarmid

"Working with Reciprocal Consulting has been such a great opportunity. I am fortunate to work with a team that takes the time and honours a multi-layered mentorship model; I was mentored by Kim and the senior team members, which has served as an amazing foundation for our work in evaluations and strengths-based research, which is done in a culturally responsive manner. I can say that I have found my passion in this work; community reciprocation is one of my core personal values, and at Reciprocal Consulting I am encouraged to bring my values as well as my cultural teachings and apply them to my work. With guidance from the team, many of whom are currently in graduate school or have graduated, I am able to continue to grow my interests and experience in research and program evaluation to prepare for future graduate studies." Cassidy Caron

"I have received so much amazing support from Kim and my colleagues at Reciprocal Consulting. It was a huge help to me when I was navigating the process of applying to graduate school and exploring funding opportunities; with Kim’s guidance and mentorship, I compiled competitive applications and received multiple offers and scholarships. RC continues to be there for me while I’m working through my research project, as a sounding board for discussing culturally responsive research and a volunteer working group for creating appropriate research methods. Throughout this journey, I have been so grateful to have been working with a strong group of Indigenous peers, who I am continually learning from and with."   Monique Auger


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